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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Survey report on sports

Survey Report on sports
I did that survey about sports because that subject is a big part of my life . For me and people around me , sports is one of our priorities but I’d like to know if everybody in the world thinks like me.
This report made me realize that lots of people have a great interest about being healthy. Keeping in shape, like doing sports and eating well are two key ingredients to achieving that goal .

My survey consisted to know the importance of sports in the life of people. To be the most precisely it is, my survey contains ten questions start like hours per week people practice sports and go up to care about what they eat.
There’s an appendix at the end of the report where you can look at my survey’s questions. Sixteen persons answered that sports’ survey with eight multiple choice questions ans two open-ended questions in which students stated where they live and which sport they prefer. Only one respondant came out out of Montreal, he came from Venezuela .

After looking at all my survey’s results , I am able to interpret them . I choose a chart that I found particularly interesting : a difference between people who like watching sports and people who like doing sports. Most persons enjoy doing both but
someones don’t like watching sports but like doing sports. There’s only two persons who don’t like doing sport.

If we continue with a look a like between those who doing sports for competition and look if they take care on what they eat and if they go to the gym to exercise. Almost everyone who does competitive sports have a good nutrition and go training at gym.

I remarked that they are doing many differents sports like volleyball, diving, golf , football, basketball, hockey, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, tennis, walking, running, badminton, etc . It’s nice to see that a large variety of sports are done or practiced between one to six hours per week.

In my surevey’s respondants, there was only one person who came out of Montreal
He lives in Venezuela, but his answers was like the average. With a look at the answers of my survey’s questions, I can say that around ¾ of people are in good shape and healthy. But my respondants didn’t come from all over the world so I can’t did a real conclusion for people in general. There’s a chart here where you can see the proportion of people doing sports versus how they take care of there health :

After writing this report, I can say that I answered the goals of my survey but only for one group : students , because I’ve only sixteen respondants and only one came out of our country.
Finally, with these results, I can say that pepole (students) in general take care of what they eat and practice sports.
My opinion about that is that I’m sure that it’s not the reflect of our society in general because there’s some problems like obesity and sedentarity.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Survey about Sports

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Welcome to my world !

Hi everybody !

I live in Montreal, Varennes precisely . I am 17 years old and I play volleyball AAA at Édouard-Montpetit College . I am studying in health science but I'm not sure what I want to do later...maybe a doctor or a lawyer.

Montreal is a good place to live , I have a family, friends and a place where I can play volleyball every day . I really want to go in California or Hawaï to play beach volleyball every day and try the surfing because here we can't play beach volley ball all of the year because of the snow.

Write me a message and I will answer you for sure !!